About Us

PT. Mega Daya

PT. MEGA DAYA derives from the word “Mega” that comes from the Greek “μέγας”, meaning "great", and the word “Daya” comes from the Indonesian, meaning “power” or “an amount of energy”.
All of the many forms of energy, since 1981 we are focusing on rotational kinetic energy producing magnetism, electricity, movement and vice versa. Because of this long term experience we have become a pioneer among all electrical rotating equipment specialists in Indonesia.
Through this “philosophy” we are fully commited to empower your energy by providing electrical and mechanical refurbishment services for all rotating equipments of any size from manufacturing, chemical, mining, cement industries to local power generation operator.


PT. MEGA DAYA was established in 1981 and the workshop is situated in the area of Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung Jakarta Timur. It has a built up area of totaling 837.20 sq meters and a land area of 2925 sq meters, which is one of the most sought after industrial estate within Indonesia.

Through its parent company PT. MEGA ELTRA was both a state owned company. Where 49 % of its share was owned by the ministry of finance of the republic of Indonesia and 51 % was private. Later on March 28th, 1996, PT. MEGA DAYA became a fully privatized company.

We provide electrical and mechanical refurbishment services of rotating equipment to the manufacturing, chemical, mining and cement industries and also to local power generation operator.

PT. MEGA DAYA also manufacture AC&DC stator and rotor coils for low med high voltage equipment and also offer a 24 hours services for urgent repair.