PT. MEGA DAYA provide electrical and mechanical refurbishment services of rotating equipment to the manufacturing, chemical, mining and cement industries and also to local power generation operator.

PT. MEGA DAYA also manufacture AC&DC stator and rotor coils for low med high voltage equipment and also offer a 24 hours services for urgent repair.  

Our main services

are to enhance your productivity by maintaining and repairing all your rotating equipments with no down time. Our certified manpower is ready to serve you 24/7 with our highest standard.

Electrical Repairs

  • Rewinding & Supply Parts

    Rewinding & Supply Parts

    We perform rewinding , overhaul & modification to all types of low, medium and high voltage AC/DC motors, generators, chillers, ...

Mechanical Repairs

  • Metal Spray & Micro Flow

    Metal Spray & Micro Flow

    Metal Spray and Micro Flow processes provide an economical option to the complete re-manufacture of worn components.

  • Dynamic Balancing.jpg

    Dynamic Balancing

    We offer a full line of field and shop Dynamic Balancing utilizing the SCHENK balancing equipment & operated by trained personnel.

  • Welding & Fabrication

    Welding & Fabrication

    We are able to perform the vast majority of mechanical repair in house, service, and welding & fabrications.